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NFL 2008.

What a great season and it is not even over yet. Here are some of the things I noticed about this years regular season..Part I:

1. I don’t like Brett Favre– Ok, I have never liked him, but this year just really solidified my dislike for him. He retired, wanted to come back, expected the Packers to welcome him with open arms, joined the Jets, got Chad Pennington kicked out of town, played ok, played sucky, missed the playoffs, and is now weighing his options about coming back or not. Please Brett, don’t. Oh, one more thing…Eric Mangini needed more time. He didn’t throw all of those interceptions the past few games. The owners of the Jets should fire themselves.

2. The Cowboys– Remember just a few months ago when it seemed like EVERYONE was picking the Cowboys to at least make it to the Super Bowl? I do too. I was not one of them. I thought they were good, but these Cowboys have not done anything in a really long time. Well it was the same old same old this year. TO was whining. Romo was not showing up in big games. Wade Phillips looked like a lost little puppy. Jerrah was Jerrah. What a trainwreck. The only thing worse than the Cowboys season was Tony Romo’s postgame hat. Uggh.

3. Kurt Warner is NOT Dead– I thought this guy had become a preacher or something somewhere. Did he not? Wasn’t Matt Leinart supposed to be the quarterback of the future? Well maybe not. Kurt Warner has thrown for 4,583 yards, 30 tds-14 int, and has a rating of 96.9. That is a great year…oh, and he is going to the playoffs. All in all, Kurt Warner is not dead.

4. OH (for 16) those Lions– Ladies and gentlemen, we have witnessed NFL history this year and no one seems to be making a big deal out of it. Just last year I mentioned that “I don’t think a team will EVER go winless”. I just didn’t see how a professional team could be that bad. Well, this one was. They were 30th in total offense (not last…how is that possible?) and dead last in total defense. Everyone keeps saying “well, you can only get better”. Is that true? What if they get WORSE? Can they possible lose all 16 games next season? That would be unbelievable. I bet Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford are seriously considering staying in school knowing the Lions will probably take one of them.

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