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Did you know you can do a DNA test on your child for $149 and it could tell you what kind of athlete your child could become? Some company named Atlas Sports Genetics has developed this test and it is available RIGHT NOW. Imagine the possibilities, no more wasting time taking Junior to swimming practice when he is “built” to be a football player. Or what if you encourage or force your child into football when they are destined to be an Olympic sprinter? Well, I don’t know if your sarcasm meter is working today, but I believe that something like this could only have a negative impact.

First of all, I have a problem with parents who are too involved in their child’s sporting life. I am not talking about taking a kid camping or fishing, I am talking about the dad who had some form of success (or not) on some level who wants their kid to be “just like dad”. It is those parents who are usually bad mouthing volunteer little league coaches (or worse, players) or beating up opposing teams fathers. Let the kid decide what he or she wants. I have a son who is 2 years old. I played sports throughout high school and was a pretty decent athlete. All I want for my son is for him to be happy and to find something he likes doing. Do I want him to play sports? Sure. Am I going to force him to play? No, absolutely not. My mom and dad were not athletes at all, so sports were not that important to them. When I showed interest in an activity, they encouraged me to do it whole-heartedly and to do my best. That is what we should do as parents. When we become a Mr. Marinovich type it can become damaging.

Imagine what type of pressure this would put on kids. Let’s say the test concludes that a kid has the genes to be more gifted in power sports. For years mom and dad will be eagerly awaiting the time their son or daughter blossom into the next football or weightlifting all-american. Well, what if Junior just flat out sucks. “Hey wait a minute, Dr Nutso said he was going to be great…lets push harder.” I can see that happening and it saddens me. Kids already deal with everything imaginable. We don’t need to put more unneeded pressure on a young man or woman who is still trying to find out who they are.

Call me old-school or old fashioned, but I like the idea of a child growing up in a home with parents (or parent) who love and care for them. Sure, it might be nice to have an idea of what road our kid will be able to travel down. If I found out at an early age that my son had a chance to be a great singer instead of piano player, I might steer clear of those dreaded piano lessons. BUT THAT ISN’T MY JOB. My job as a parent is to nurture, love and encourage him to his fullest potential. I was a VERY late bloomer when it came to sports. My Junior year in high school I was on the JV basketball team which usually means you are pretty bad. By my Senior year I was an all district player who had the time of my life. Baseball was the same way, although I matured a little bit quicker. What if my test showed low results in all areas? Maybe I was more cut out to be a cheerleader instead of a player. Who knows. Sometimes, the best thing in life is the desire to play and the desire to get better. That’s how I did it.

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  1. Nathan Payne
    December 3, 2008 at 5:51 am

    That JV basketball team (junior year) was like the best team of all time. I think the only time we lost was to Lee in a tournament in their gym. Nobody could handle us.

  2. Jeff and Andreia
    December 3, 2008 at 9:55 am

    Yeah, that team WAS good. It is weird to have a JV team that had 4 future starters on next years Varsity squad. Wasn’t that the case? Me, you, Surratt, and Guthrie? Am I just not remembering this correctly?

  3. Nathan Payne
    December 5, 2008 at 4:30 am

    Yeah, that’s how I remember it. Except those other two weren’t supposed to start, but they did after Williamson and Purser went out for various reasons. So who was the fifth JV starter that wasn’t a varsity starter the next year? I guess it was our point guard…..was it McCoy?

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