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Week 12.

The season is winding down…I know there is a lot of football left, but in just a few short weeks our Saturdays will be filled with NBA games and NCAA basketball games.  Hmm.  Ok, since I am writing this late it will be pretty short.  Anyone know who Texas Tech plays this week?  I think they have a game. Here we go:

Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech– There have been some big games this year in the Big 12, this week it is this one.  The HUGE advantage for OU in this game is the fact that they are playing at home.  That is big.  Texas Tech has been a great story this year.  Harrell and Crabtree are as good as anyone in the country and the defense has been playing inspired football.  OU’s offense has been outstanding since their loss to Texas and will look to keep rolling along.  My Pick:  Oklahoma 45  Texas Tech 42

Ohio State vs. Michigan– This game has never been so irrelevant.  Well, it still has some bowl implications, but Michigan has been awful this year.  Ohio State has looked good since freshman Terrelle Pryor has taken over the QB position and Beanie Wells has given them a consistent run threat.  I don’t think Michigan has a chance in this one.  My Pick:  Ohio State 31  Michigan 14

LSU vs. Ole Miss– LSU is coming off an unbelievable comeback against Troy.  Yes, Troy.  Ole Miss is looking for respect against another top level SEC team.  Remember, they beat Florida this year.  Look for this game to be close and decided on the last drive.  My Pick:  LSU 24  Ole Miss 21

Washington vs. Washington State– The Crapple Cup.  Man, these teams are really really bad.  Washington State has invited walk-ons to try out for the team this year which is never a good sign.  Washington is just a little LESS worse than State, so that gives them the edge.  My Pick:  Washington 27  Washington State 13

BYU vs. Utah– The Bee Hive State Showdown.  Not many people realize it but this game is a heated rivalry with BIG TIME implications.  If Utah can win they will make their 2nd BCS game in their history as a “non BCS school”.  BYU has some great history and looks to ruin Utah’s good season.  My Pick: Utah 35  BYU 31

Upset Pick of the Week:  North Carolina State 27  North Carolina 23

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