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Week 10.

Wow, Week 10 already?  Man.  Well, I guess everyone knows what the big games are this week, so I won’t waste your time.  Here are my picks for this week:

Texas (1) vs. Texas Tech (7)- This game is usally pretty exciting.  If this game were in Austin, I would pick the Horns by at least 10, but the game is in Lubbock which is a tough place to play.  If Texas can force a turnover or two and get to Graham Harrell, they should come out on top.  Texas’ pass D is not great and they will not hold the Raiders under 300 passing yards.  My Pick:  Texas 45  Texas Tech 40

Georgia (6) vs. Florida (8)- I am sure everyone remembers last year’s game.  The WHOLE Bulldog team was penalized for coming out on the field after their first touchdown.  Gator fans were upset that it happened, and will be looking for revenge this year.  Look for Florida’s athleticism to be too much for the Bulldogs.  My pick:  Florida 31  Georgia  24

Northwestern @ Minnesota (17)- This game looks like it will be a good one.  Northwestern is having a good season, and Minnesota is the best “turnaround” story of the year.  Look for the Gophers to play physical and keep the high scoring Wildcat offense under wraps.  My Pick:  Minnesota  30  Northwestern  24

Obscure Pick of the Week- North Texas 34  Western Kentucky  18

Upset Pick of the Week- Nebraska 32  Oklahoma  31– This is an old time rivalry that the Huskers have no chance in..or do they?

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