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Coach Surratt.

Robbie Surratt, an East Texas coaching legend passed away Friday night and was laid to rest today in Lindale. Coach Surratt was a big part of my life. From 1995 to 1997 I played for Coach through the ups and downs. To be honest, the teams I played with at Lindale were not anything to write home about. We missed the playoffs each year I played and had to fight for almost every win we were lucky enough to get. No matter what the outcome, Coach Surratt was supportive. While he could get riled up on occasion, he always had an encouraging word or two to get you through the tough times.

Not only was he a great ball coach and a good man, he had quite the baseball family. Betsy, his wife was one of my fondest memories of high school. She was at every game, running the scoreboard and playing tunes to keep the crowd entertained. I am sure you probably heard her scream….in Louisiana. I was also lucky enough to play with Coach Surratt’s son Robbie Lee. “Bobby Ann” (my nickname for Robbie Lee) and I always had a good time on the field and his dad was a big part of that.

I am glad that Lindale decided to name the baseball field “Robbie Surratt Field”. It is important for kids who will be playing on that field to realize who Coach Surratt was and what he did, not only as a baseball coach but as a man and teacher. It was a privilege to play for Coach Surratt, but it was even more of an honor to know him.

*One of the things that stood out in my mind was Coach Surratt’s humor. Also, before every game we said the Lord’s Prayer as a team.

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  1. Alton Latimore
    April 4, 2010 at 12:17 am

    I think was one of coach’s first student when he was in Texarkana, Ark I met him through his wife. Even then he made us winners, I was crown king of Junior Champ Day in 1971-72 Through this great man i was able this!! Because he took the doubt away from your mind with “listen to what i tell you cause i know you can do it”!

    love you Coach!!!

    Alton Latimore

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