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Week 4.

Well, here we are again. Last week my picks were not so great. I guess that is why I am a blogger and not a performer at the state fair. USC simply POUNDED Ohio State in what looked like a matchup between a varsity vs. jr. varsity scrimmage. The Trojans dominated in every aspect of the game. I was wrong about that game. I thought Ohio State had a chance to keep the USC offense out of the endzone and make the game close. Wrong. I DID say that the Buckeyes needed Beanie Wells to have a shot..they didn’t have him, and they didn’t have a shot to win that game. Anyway, there are some good games this week, and here are the ones I will have my eye on:

1. West Virginia @ Colorado- For some reason, a few “experts” have picked Colorado to be a surprise player in the Big 12 North this year. Well, as long as the Buffs realize this isn’t intramurals then they might have a chance at knocking off some big boys this year. West Virginia could be one of those teams. Although the Mountaineers were upset by a very good East Carolina team, they still have one of the most exciting players in the nation..Noel Devine. Devine is that kid you saw a few years back on youtube making plays you could not believe. Well, he is in college now playing with another phenomenal athlete Pat White. Colorado is lead by the coaches son Cody Hawkins. Hawkins is a good leader who has the ability to lead on the field. If Hawkins and the Buffs can keep up with the Mountaineers offense, it will be a shootout. My Pick:
West Virginia 35 Colorado 24

2. LSU @ Auburn- The only question that needs to be asked and addressed is this: Can Auburn score enough points to win? The Tigers are coming off a 3-2 win over Mississippi State last week. No, it wasn’t a 3 run homerun that won it for the Tigers, it was a field goal and a safety. The Auburn defense has been a great story this season. They lost energetic defensive coordinator Will Muschamp to Texas, and their were questions of whether or not the Tigers would be as good defensively. The answer so far has been yes…they might be even better. To me, LSU is still a team we don’t know too much about. Their offense has great weapons but their QB is still a bit unproven. Games against Appy State and North Texas should be easy wins and they were. The main question again is Auburn’s offense. Can they score against an athletic Tiger defense? If they can manage 14 points, I think Auburn will have the upper hand in the “earth shaking” rivalry. Does that ring a bell? This game marks the 20th anniversary of the “Earthquake Game” which was won by LSU 7-6. Supposedly after LSU took the lead late in the game, the crowd was going so wild it registered an earthquak on the seismograph located in LSU’s Howe-Russell Geoscience Complex. Crazy. Expect another small earthquake, but this time on the campus of War Eagle. My Pick:
Auburn 20 LSU 17

3. Baylor @ Connecticut- Okay, every week I seem to pick a “not so glamorous” game. Maybe that is what I will call it the “NSG Game of the Week”. Ok, I am not a Baylor fan, but Robert Griffin is the most exciting player to come out of Baylor since, well, J.J. Joe. (I just like his name). Griffin is a true freshman who enrolled early at Baylor so he could get a chance to learn the offense and take part in the Baylor track and field program. Just this past week, Griffin won Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week honors after setting a Baylor record with 217 yards rushing on just 11 carries…remember, he is a quarterback. UCONN is quickly becoming a Big East power with its strength coming on the running game. Donald Brown is the #2 rusher in the nation and the Huskies are #5 in the nation at stopping the run. Call me a homer, call me crazy, but I think Mr. Griffin and the Bears are playing with a lot of confidence and swagger after last weeks drubbing of Washington State. My upset special of the week is:
Baylor 31 Uconn 30.

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