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Week 3.

Wow, we are already in Week 3 of College Football, crazy.  There are some great storylines so far this year, my #1 being the team from East Carolina.  They are 2-0 with both wins coming over top 25 opponents.  They have been a great story so far, and hopefully their “cinderella” run continues.  With their Conference USA schedule, the Pirates could have a chance to be a BCS-buster.

Here are the best games of Week 3 and my picks:

1.  Ohio State @ USC- To most, this game is considered to be the “game of the year”.  Of course, we don’t know too much about either team being so early in the season.  Ohio State is coming off a VERY lackluster win over Ohio University and USC had this past week off after a week 1 win over a bad Virginia team.  USC took over the #1 spot in the polls after their win and has all the attention from most of the national media.  Ohio State and their fans are hoping that Heisman candidate Chris “Beanie” Wells is 100% healthy going into this game.  There are not too many weaknesses for either team.  Both have experienced and very talented defenses to go along with very talented offenses.  If there is ONE thing that might be an advantage, it is the location of the game.  The Buckeyes will be traveling to Los Angeles which definitely favors the Trojans.  I think this game will live up to most of its hype, but only if Chris Wells is able to play.

My Pick:  USC 24 Ohio State 21 (I picked OSU in my pre season games)

2.  Kansas at South Florida- This will be an exciting matchup between 2007’s surprise teams.  South Florida is coming off a nail biter with instate rival UCF while Kansas has not been in a close game since last year.  Kansas’ offense is one of the best in the nation and their defense has been stellar, even though their competition has not been the best.  South Florida has 2 of the best players in the nation leading their squad.  Quarterback Matt Grothe and Defensive End George Selvie are All American caliber players that make this team go.  Even though the Kansas D has been great at stopping their opponents from scoring, South Florida will give the Jayhawk D all they can handle.

My Pick:  Kansas 38  South Florida 28

3.  Michigan vs. Notre Dame- Ok ok, I know that both these teams aren’t very good, but it still might be a good game right?  You win.  I think both teams are still trying to find their indentity even though Charlie Weis has been at Notre Dame since 2005.  Rich Rodriguez doesn’t really have the tools to run his spread offense in Ann Arbor, but give him time, he has proven that he can win.  While I will probably not even watch this game, it is still a matchup of 2 of the winningest programs and 2 of the best uniforms in college football history.

My Pick:  Michigan 20  Notre Dame 13

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