82-0.  Those are some impressive numbers.  Whether you are talking about a win/loss record or a score, 82-0 is definitely something that stands out.  The European Olympic hockey pre-qualifying tournament has started in Latvia, and all the talk is about 82-0.  No, it’s not the record of the German team or the Swedish team, THAT WAS THE FINAL SCORE OF THE GAME BETWEEN BULGARIA AND SLOVAKIA!  Wow.

Folks, this was a hockey game.  A women’s hockey game.  They count a goal just like they do in regular hockey.  You score one goal, you lead 1-0.  Slovakia scored 82 goals to beat the Bulgarian women’s team, 1 would have worked.  After the 1st period the score was 31-0.  The Slovakians averaged a goal every 4 seconds.  Astounding.

This was the final game of the tournament for the Bulgarians (which is a good thing), they lost their other games: 30-1 (vs. Croatia); 41-0 (vs. Italy).   Ouch.

The amazing thing to me is that 82-0 was NOT the worst loss in women’s hockey…Thailand lost to South Korea 92-0 back in 1998.  Amazing.

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