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Oklahoma City Blanks

The Seattle Supersonics are moving to Oklahoma City. I can think of a few cities that deserve a team more than OKC, but thats not the issue. The issue is the naming of the team. The team is getting rid of the Supersonics name, and it has trademarked 6 potential names for the new team…here they are:

1. Barons: Personally I think this should be the winner. It might make some people think of the the Red Baron or pizza, but it sounds pretty cool regardless.

2. Bison: Believe me, they DO keep getting worse. I guess the NBA is going for something that has to do with the Native American influence here..I have no idea. The Chicago Bulls are already here, and the Bison don’t sound as tough.

3. Energy: My gosh, horrible.

4. Marshalls: Ok, this one is my second favorite. They could do the whole “badge and six shooter” logo.

5. Thunder: I am not a fan of weather related nicknames. Stuff like the Heat and Avalanche. This is another bad idea.

6. Wind: Oh, I didn’t know it was a new WNBA team. Wind? Seriously? If this name is chosen, it will be the worst nickname in the history of sports. Something tells me Mr. T Boone Pickens has something to do with this.

What name do you like?

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  1. Nathan
    July 30, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    I think a Bison would beat a Bull in a death match 9 times out of 10. They’re mean beasts. And the North Dakota State Bisons dominated division 2 football until they moved up a few years ago. So it’s a good name. My vote is for the Oklahoma Bisons.

  2. Jeff
    July 30, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    Well great, just what I need, a valedictorian coming here to make me look dumb! haha. good point though, I don’t think they will go with Bison. someone wrote or said that they heard Thunder was going to be the name. Who knows.

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